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custom home builders in minneapolis

Build your dream home! Our experienced and dedicated luxury home builders provide complete residential construction and renovation services, including:

  • Home Design
    Home Design

    Do you have a vision for your luxury home, but you need help putting your vision on paper? Our luxury home builders will help put a design team together based on the style of architecture that you desire and the team will take you through the entire process. Contact us to learn more about residential design.

  • luxury home builders
    Home Building / Construction

    Following your specific vision, we design and build custom dwelling with incomparable style. We will renovate existing homes, following the same captivating and precise standards. We ensure that your custom structure will meet your standards of luxury and comfort.

  • Home Remodeling
    Home Remodeling

    Our staff recognizes that your residence is the center of family time and social events. Allow us to remodel your house and transform it into the place you have always hoped it would be. No matter the size or the challenges of the project, we will guide you through every stage of its process.

  • Home Repair
    Home Repair

    Whether you are in need of a major home improvement or you have collected a list of individual repair projects, our experienced team is dedicated to managing every job with full commitment and a keen sense of quality. We pride ourselves in providing the best possible value for our clients.

Our Mission:

Our Minneapolis luxury home builders extraordinary workmanship, technological skill, collaboration, and dedication to every client. From the formation of your house plans to the construction and clean up phase, project management and the exchange of ideas are key elements that we are always perfecting. All of our professionals accept the accountability and the success of each house as their own.

▼ What Should I Consider Before Building a New Home?

Constructing a house is not an easy task and many homeowners make significant mistakes during the process, especially if they fail to consult with true professionals. What can you do to ensure that your custom structure is built correctly?

Choose a luxury home builder wisely. If you happen to advertise a job, nearly every residential construction contractor in the Twin Cities will likely place a bid. It is difficult for you to know who truly offers valuable services. That is why it is important that you meet face to face and interview potential custom home builders before you make a decision. Ask the custom home builders if you can view their previous work and learn about their planning and construction process.

Employ a local builder. Hiring a local builder has many advantages. Local service providers have permanent offices where you can take your complaints in case the job is not done to your full satisfaction. Local companies do not want to spoil their good name or reputation in the community and they will certainly perform to the best of their ability.

Investigate the building site. Before buying land, make sure that you understand all risks that might be associated with the area and property. Of course, avoid areas with high crime rates. Carefully consider the neighboring premises, such as the education system, shopping centers and restaurants.

Plan well before you begin building. Before you commence the building project, plan well. Make sure you are happy with the final design.

Have your future in mind when building your house. Avoid constructing a residence that only fits your current lifestyle. Think of the future. Our qualified and experienced luxury home builders will have the knowledge to help you come up with an excellent plan that will keep you happy for the rest of your life.

▼ Why Should I Choose Erotas?

We believe that everyone should reside in a house created only for them. The home should not be “close” to their vision. It should be their vision exactly.

While our team is made up of dependable professionals who consistently produce exceptional work, we blend craft requirements, value and character. We believe that it is crucial for every member of our team to “fit” with each individual client.

Our luxury home builders recognize that a residence should not be designed and constructed without also forming a long-term relationship with the client. The basis of that rapport is our dedication to delivering a wonderful experience to you.

As important as the quality of our work is, the relationship, experience and level of trust we build with our clients is equally as important. We approach the construction of each dwelling from the most important point of view, yours. Quite simply, it is your residence. You are concerned about costs, quality and timing. We understand this. We will listen, get to know you, address costs and selections with you, and guide you through the building process. Together, we will create a place that surpasses your expectations.

We offer:

Accommodation. We believe that your input is a necessary aspect during the building process. That is why we include you during every step of the project. This strategy ensures that the finished product adheres to your specific needs and there is not one aspect of the structure that you are not happy with.

Experience. Our expert luxury home builders have designed and constructed houses with even the most unique elements. We have successfully built luxurious homes throughout the Twin Cities and each has and will stand the test of time. There is no project that we cannot tackle and our track record speaks to that.

Clear communication. From the beginning to the end of the residential building process, we will make sure that you remain up-to-date on every detail of every step we take. You will have real-time knowledge of all project happenings so there will be no surprises.

Timeliness. Our luxury home builders complete projects faster than anyone in the industry. We understand the importance of timelines and we thrive on making sure our projects are completed within the scheduled time that we provide you.

Superior quality. Although our luxury home builders complete projects in a timely fashion, we do not sacrifice quality. Your residence will feature the latest standards in excellence. From the insulation to ventilation, every aspect of your custom structure will be energy-efficient, cost-effective, safe, and resilient.

▼ How Can I Get Started?

Contact us today and begin the process of building your dream home.

The areas we serve include MinneapolisWayzataMinnetonkaOronoEden PrairieWaconiaPlymouth

…and throughout Minnesota & the Midwest!

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